4 Major Components of a Diesel Engine

A diesel engine is an internal combustion engine that relies on air compression at a temperature high enough to ignite the diesel fuel injected into the cylinder. To understand the power behind a diesel engine, it is important to know the four major components: pumps, cylinder head gaskets, crankcases, and butt heads. Pumps are essential for the functioning of a diesel engine. Mechanical pumps are used to move fuel from the tank to the engine, while high-pressure pumps are used to inject fuel into the cylinders.

Common rail technology is also used in some diesel engines to control the injection of fuel. The cylinder head gasket is located between the engine block and the cylinder heads of a diesel engine. It prevents liquids from leaking into the cylinder heads and helps maintain the right mix of fuel and air for combustion. Cylinder head gaskets are prone to deformation due to extreme changes in temperature, so drivers should be aware of any signs of failure.

The crankcase surrounds and encloses the crankshaft as it rotates, supporting its weight. It also directs excess oil to the oil pan, which collects lubricant and oil not needed for combustion. Butt heads are cylinders located at the top of the engine block that prevent droplets of air-fuel mixture from entering the combustion chamber. They also help keep engines from overheating by allowing coolant to pass through them when an engine starts up.

Every driver should be familiar with these four major components of a diesel engine in order to prevent problems from arising. If you need new engine parts, ATL Diesel offers reconditioned diesel engine parts for sale that are cheaper than their newer counterparts and work just as well.

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