Why Diesel Engines are the Best Choice for Agricultural and Industrial Machinery

Nowadays, diesel engines are the go-to choice for agricultural and industrial machinery. This is because they are more efficient, require less maintenance, and provide more power than their predecessors. Farmers need reliable engines to power their machinery, so they need to be of the highest quality. Thermal efficiency is the difference between the theoretical calorific value of the fuel and the amount of heat that actually produces work.

Diesel has a clear advantage in this regard, as it has a higher calorific value than gasoline. Additionally, spark engines use a lot of fuel for cooling purposes, while diesel engines use a stoichiometric system (the ideal combustion process in which the fuel burns completely). The electric diesel starter was used in low-compression diesel engines by joining two 6-volt batteries in series to obtain 12 volts only for the starter, but leaving them in parallel for the lights and charging. The military also prefers diesel fuel for tanks and trucks because it is less flammable and less explosive than other fuels.

When Caterpillar delivered its new 60 diesel caterpillar for testing at the University of Nebraska tractor testing center on June 14, 1932, it was so difficult to find diesel fuel that the No. Compliance with these strict “Level 4” US emission standards is possible thanks to the use of ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, high-tech diesel engines, and emission control systems and subsequent exhaust gas treatment.

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