Diagnostic Tools for Troubleshooting Diesel Engines

When it comes to troubleshooting diesel engines, there are a variety of diagnostic tools available. Multimeters, megaohmmeters, and clamp ammeters are some of the most commonly used portable tools. Additionally, software-based diagnostic tools can be used when the manufacturer's software is installed on a laptop computer that communicates with generator control systems. Unlike gasoline engines, diesel engines have no ignition system and rely on the high compression and heat of the combustion chamber to ignite the diesel fuel that is injected into the hot combustion chamber.

This makes working with diesel engines different than working with gasoline engines. Currently, diesel engines are only available in a few models of passenger cars. Jeep has a 2.8 L diesel option in its Liberty SUV, and VW offers four turbodiesels in the Toureg, Passat and Golf. However, car manufacturers plan to introduce new high-tech diesel engines with common rails and low emissions in the near future.

The Jaltest marine diagnostic kit for diesel engines is an all-inclusive package that provides users with everything they need to diagnose and solve problems with marine diesel engines. This package includes a laptop, Jaltest Marine Diesel software, hardware (adapter & cables), and technical support staff from Diesel Laptops.

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